Northeast Ohio Internet Crimes Attorney

The world of the Internet is a brave new world to many; to today's youth, it is highly familiar territory. Whether you are Internet-savvy or an Internet novice, you may have fallen into an online crime unsuspectingly — or a mistake may have caught up with you in ways you did not expect. Don't wait for the police or the FBI to come knocking with an arrest warrant, confiscate your computer, and seriously jeopardize your rights, reputation and freedom.

At the Law Office of Kirk A. Migdal, we understand the legal complexities of Internet crimes and the effort required to fight the overwhelming might of state and federal authorities. To discuss your legal options in the face of an investigation, arrest or charges related to Internet activity in Ohio, contact us today.

Creative, Thorough and Dedicated Computer Crimes Defense

Attorney Migdal is a bold and versatile criminal defense lawyer ready to offer a vigorous defense of your constitutional rights when you have been accused of criminal Internet activity, including:

  • Credit fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • ID (identity) theft
  • Electronic bad check charges
  • Internet advertising fraud
  • Theft charges stemming from eBay transactions
  • Online gambling
  • Child pornography (production, downloading, file-sharing, purchase or viewing)

Your Internet crimes defense may require the involvement of computer forensic analysts. They may provide key information that Mr. Migdal will use to ensure that the prosecution does not overstep its bounds. The state has the obligation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the charges that are levied against you. And if you are convicted, the punishment must not go beyond reasonable and established standards.

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It is vital that you realize the seriousness of the criminal charges you face or may face if you are accused of an Internet offense. Entrust your computer crimes defense to an attorney who is no stranger to challenging, controversial cases or to complex legal matters. Contact the Law Office of Kirk A. Migdal to schedule a consultation.