Juvenile Law Attorneys ◦ Akron, Ohio

Criminal defense of juveniles is usually a family affair. The defense lawyer, the parents and the accused young person work together to put forth the most compelling case possible in support of a favorable outcome:

  • Keeping the case in the juvenile justice system
  • Case dismissal if possible
  • Probation
  • Reduction of charges
  • Family solutions over incarceration where possible
  • A clean record from now on, leading the way to eventual expungement of the record after the accused turns 18 years old

To schedule a consultation with a hardworking, results-oriented juvenile defense attorney in Ohio, contact the Law Office of Kirk A. Migdal. Juvenile law attorney Kirk Migdal is prepared and well suited to help ensure that a young person's rights are protected when he or she is charged with any of the following offenses:

There are no cookie-cutter solutions when Attorney Migdal defends young people or adults of any alleged offense. Each case and each person is unique. When an alternative to incarceration can be obtained for a teenager convicted of a juvenile crime, Kirk Migdal pursues that alternative vigorously. Rehabilitation, community service and other possible diversionary penalty alternatives are possible outcomes for a teenage offender.

Discuss your high school-age son's or daughter's legal troubles with an experienced juvenile law attorney. Contact the law office through this Web site or by phone to schedule a confidential, respectful and honest consultation.