Attorney Fighting for Clients Accused of Murder ◦ Akron, Ohio

Criminal charges related to loss of life may be termed murder, homicide, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter or vehicular manslaughter. Besides a criminal case aimed at delivering punishment, such as imprisonment, there may be a civil wrongful death claim seeking monetary compensation.

Kirk Migdal, Akron defense attorney, is prepared to defend criminal defendants in murder cases, including cases for which a conviction may mean the death penalty. Contact the Law Office of Kirk Migdal to schedule a consultation regarding murder charges stemming from road rage, domestic violence turned deadly or a drunk driving vehicular fatality.

Mr. Migdal handles a wide range of criminal matters, including high-profile and complex murder cases. The key to a successful defense comes to light through clear and thorough attorney-client communication and a detailed investigation of all known facts related to the allegations, the arrest and more. A mistake by the police or the prosecution may result in a complete case dismissal. A misidentification may mean that the state does not have the evidence necessary to convict.

Assert your constitutional rights at all stages of your murder or manslaughter case in Ohio. Schedule a consultation to discuss a strategy for your defense. Call or e-mail the law office to schedule a confidential initial consultation with lawyer Kirk Migdal, whether charges have been filed or not.