White Collar Crimes Attorney in Northeast Ohio

The term "white collar crime" encompasses a vast array of criminal charges ranging from food stamp fraud committed by a sole individual to mortgage fraud accusations against an entire company. Akron, Ohio, criminal defense lawyer Kirk A. Migdal has the experience needed to evaluate any white collar crime charges you may be facing, as well as the resources to go the distance in your defense.

Contact Mr. Migdal to schedule a discussion of your white collar crime investigation, charges or arrest pertaining to any of the following nonviolent offenses:

White Collar Crime photo
Kirk Migdal rolls his eyes during arguments
in the Evergreen financial fraud case where
all charges were dismissed against
his client, Richard J. Borodkin
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  • Mortgage fraud involving subprime mortgages and other lending issues
  • Predatory lending
  • Allegations implicating brokers, real estate agents, appraisers, lenders or sellers
  • Food stamp fraud, health care fraud or insurance fraud
  • Business fraud of any kind, including securities fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Internet crimes
  • Online gambling
  • Racketeering (RICO)

The sooner Kirk Migdal is on your side when you are charged with a white collar crime, the more likely it is that your case can be resolved favorably. Speaking with Mr. Migdal while you are still under investigation often results in the matter being resolved without charges ever being filed.

Immediate Action Can Mean a More Favorable Outcome

Intervention by an experienced criminal defense attorney is often all it takes to obtain a more favorable outcome. For example, when embezzlement or any other type of theft is at the core of the accusations, sometimes the "wronged" party is willing to accept restitution in lieu of filing criminal charges.

The police believe they are doing their job when they undertake a white collar crime investigation in response to allegations by a person or business that claims to have been robbed or defrauded. In white collar criminal matters and in any criminal case, it is critical that you do not make statements to law enforcement before seeking legal counsel.

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