Ohio Embezzlement and White Collar Crimes Attorney

In today's fast-paced and far-reaching business world, you don't have to be a Wall Street broker to be charged with embezzling money. Good people right here in Ohio are often unjustly accused of misusing the financial assets entrusted to them by an individual or business.

Intentional and methodical, embezzlement is a type of fraud involving the taking of funds by someone with lawful possession. Anyone from cashiers and bank tellers to attorneys and investment bankers can be charged with embezzlement. Regardless of the amount or sophistication of the scheme, embezzlement is a serious criminal matter that both state and federal prosecutors take very seriously.

At the Law Office of Kirk A. Migdal we are a well-respected, Akron, Ohio, criminal defense law office providing dedicated advocacy to clients facing white collar crime charges, including embezzlement. Contact us to discuss your situation.

Sensible and skilled criminal defense tailored to your situation

Experienced at handling criminal cases ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, attorney Kirk Migdal understands that opportunity, desperation and even a sense of entitlement can sometimes get the best of anyone handling money. He offers insightful legal guidance and steadfast representation to people from all walks of life who are facing embezzlement charges, including:

  • Clerks and cashiers accused of stealing cash from employers
  • Business owners accused of cheating their partners
  • Accountants accused of shifting financial assets for their own use
  • Financial advisors accused of duping investors
  • Relatives accused of taking shared family assets

Whether you were caught altering financial information to hide misuse of company assets, or were charged with embezzlement without realizing your actions were illegal, we can help you understand your options. In many cases showing remorse and paying back the amount taken can keep a serious matter from getting much worse.

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From allegations of small-quantity embezzlement to sophisticated schemes involving huge sums of money, comprehensive representation from an experienced embezzlement lawyer can protect your rights, your freedom and your reputation.

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